Location : Sabah Al Ahmed City, Kuwait
Client : Public Authority of Housing Welfare
Cost : 2.3 Billion
Size : 35,000,000 m2
Duration : 2008-2011

Sabah Al Ahmed City has a total area of 35,000,000 m2 in addition to a surrounding green belt and a ring road of 500 hectares. Sabah Al Ahmed City has 5 residential neighbourhoods (A,B,C,D, and E) with an area ranging between 300-450 hectares each. The city includes and is not limited to 9,600 Housing plots (600 m2 each), public buildings such as public buildings such as (schools, mosques, medical clinics, shopping malls, markets, youth centers, sporting clubs, gas stations, public parks, governmental buildings, police stations).

The city is fully designed and planned to accommodate all of its resident’s needs. An Axial Service Center, at the city’s centre is centrally located in close proximity to the neighbourhoods to service their needs. It includes all the commercial, educational, entertainment, health and financial facilities, various

governmental buildings, offices and public service buildings, in addition to the Islamic Center, the city’s landmark. 

The city is complete with an investment residential area, an industrial area, entertainment area, and various type service buildings.

Dar Al-Dowailah Engineering Consultants & Construction Managers role for Sabah Al Ahmed City was to develop the masterplan of the city, prepare complete design for all its components. The scope also included all road works, infrastructure works, public buildings, service buildings, residential villas prototypes, covering the following scale:

  • Main Roads: 50 to 100 m wide, and of 61 km length (including all infrastructure)
  • Major roads: 36 m wide, and of  92.7 km length (including all infra-structure)
  • Service roads: 25 m wide, and of 320 km length (including all infra-structure)
  • 45 schools for all stages (Kindergarten, Primary, Junior, Senior)
  • 68 mosques (local, main, grand mosque)
  • 6 Medical clinics (public, private)
  • 6 neighborhood centers. (including; markets, shops, shopping malls, public libraries, social centers, gas outlets, police station)
  • The Islamic Center: more than 100,000 m2

Surrounding the whole city is a green built and Ring Road with a total length of 25 km and a width of 100m.